Zeb Roc Ski Presents – Strictly B-Boy Breaks – Vol 03 (2003)

01 DJ Roughneck : Intro
02 Kings of the Wild Frontier : Theme From 17
03 Def Cut : Battle Of The Year
04 Blade : Keep On Runnin
05 Zeb Roc Ski : B Boy Chase
06 Calagad 13 : Street B Boy Beatz
07 DJ Viblam : Funky Retroperspective
08 Deadly Avenger : Brooklyn Scraps
09 DJ Junk : The Break Witch Project
10 B Boy Orkunt : High Adventure Mix
11 DJ Nas D : In A Land Of Funk
12 Swift : Move Your Body
13 Ictus : The man
14 B Boy Outro


VA – Revenge Of The B-Boy – Vol 01 (1999)

A1 Unknown Artist – Let ‘Em Dance (Intro)
A2 Faust & Shortee – The All Out Kid
A3 Hydroponic Sound System – Breakneck Speed
A4 Knights Of Bass – Da M-Pire
B1 Clockwork Voodoo Freaks – Deaf Mick’s Throwdown
B2 Blade (3) – The Comin’ Is Near
B3 Jeep Beat Collective – Devastating Beat Creator
C1 DJ Format – Lords Of Cardboard
C2 Mr. Wiz – Bongo Battle
C3 DJ Junk – Damaged Brain
D1 Metabass – Transform Gravity
D2 DJ Format – English Lesson
D3 Mr. Wiz – B-Boy’s Theme
D4 Looptroop (2) – Four Elements


Mandroid – B-Boy No Comply (2000)

01 Clockwork Mannequin
02 Robot On Pot
03 Voltage Overload
04 Driving In My Turbo Mini
05 Silicon Chipped (64 Bit Mix)
06 Playdoh
07 Secret Scientist
08 Microswitch
09 Old School Mentality
10 Popgun
11 Digital Contour
12 Sonic Radiation
13 Lunar Module (CD Only Track)
14 Outer Space (CD Only Track)
15 Space Age Renegade (CD Only Track)


Southside Rockers – Street Dance (1999)

01 B-Boy Anthem (Album Version)
02 Street Dance
03 There’s No Stopping Us
04 Rock On
05 Jealousy
06 We B-Long
07 Let Me Be
08 Hear Us Now
09 Everybody Now (Ola Ey)
10 Get Up
11 Keep On Doin’ That
12 We Come To Rock
13 Let Your Body Move
14 All Night Long
15 Funky
16 Back 2 You




Ultimate Breaks & Beats The Complete Collection

Released: 2006
Genre: Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz


CD1-501.1 Monkees, The Mary Mary (2:18)
CD1-501.2 Bad Bascomb Black Grass (2:16)
CD1-501.3 Winstons, The Amen Brother (2:35)
CD1-501.4 7th Wonder Daisy Lady (4:31)
CD1-501.5 D.C. LaRue Indiscreet (4:46)
CD1-501.6 Rufus Thomas Do The Funky Penguin (3:03)
CD1-502.1 Wilson Pickett Get Me Back On Time (6:46)
CD1-502.2 Juice Catch A Groove (3:36)
CD1-502.3 Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Woman (3:06)
CD1-502.4 Funkadelic You’ll Like It Too (4:27)
CD1-502.5 Roy Ayers Ubiquity The Boogie Back (4:31)
CD1-502.6 Disco Italiano Chella’lla (3:42)
CD1-503.1 Cheryl Lynn Got To Be Real (5:05)
CD1-503.2 Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band Apache (4:51)
CD1-503.3 Herman Kelly & Life Dance To The Drummer’s Beat (4:09)
CD1-503.4 Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band Bongo Rock (2:34)
CD1-503.5 UPP Give It To You (7:07)
CD1-503.6 Jackie Robinson Pussy Footer (6:30)






CD1-504.1 Syl Johnson Different Strokes (2:32)
CD1-504.2 Bobby Byrd I Know You Got Soul (3:03)
CD1-504.3 Z.Z. Hill I Think I’d Do It (2:18)
CD1-504.4 Gaz Sing Sing (7:18)
CD1-504.5 Isaac Hayes Breakthrough (3:04)
CD1-504.6 Tom Jones Looking Out My Window (2:31)
CD1-504.7 Dynamic Corvettes Funky Music Is The Thing (2:31)
CD1-505.1 Johnny Hammond Shifting Gears (5:11)
CD1-505.2 Bo Diddley Hit Or Miss (3:47)
CD1-505.3 Wild Magnolias, The Soul, Soul, Soul (6:04)
CD1-505.4 Melvin Bliss (Synthetic) Substitution (3:37)
CD1-505.5 Freedom (2) Get Up And Dance (5:58)
CD1-505.6 20th Century Steel Band Heaven And Hell (4:49)
CD1-505.7 Banbarra Shack Up (3:31)
CD1-506.1 Please Sing A Simple Song (5:16)
CD1-506.2 James Brown Cold Sweat (7:24)
CD1-506.3 Black Motion Picture Experience, The Theme From 2001 (2:56)
CD1-506.4 Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band Son Of Scorpio (3:23)
CD1-506.5 Magic Disco Machine, The Scratchin’ (2:43)
CD1-506.6 Fat Larry’s Band Down On The Avenue (5:18)
CD1-506.7 Uncle Louie I Like Funky Music (5:33)





albums 7-9

CD1-507.1 James Brown Give It Up, Or Turn It Loose (6:36)
CD1-507.2 Funky Constellation Street Talk (Madam Rapper) (Instrumental) (11:33)
CD1-507.3 Pleasure (4) Let’s Dance (5:03)
CD1-507.4 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra I Can’t Stop (7:04)
CD1-507.5 John McLaughlin Planetary Citizen (2:37)
CD1-506.6 Funkadelic Good Old Music (7:55)
CD1-506.7 Magic Touch You Are What You Are (4:54)
CD1-508.1 Babe Ruth The Mexican (5:33)
CD1-508.2 Eastside Connection Frisco Disco (6:20)
CD1-508.3 Jesse Green Flip (4:27)
CD1-508.4 Wild Sugar Bring It Here (5:57)
CD1-508.5 Meters, The Hand Clapping Song (2:52)
CD1-508.6 Johnny Jenkins Two Pigs And A Hog (1:44)
CD1-508.7 Marva Whitney It’s My Thing (2:48)
CD1-509.1 Ingrid Easter Parade (8:36)
CD1-509.2 ESG U.F.O. (3:28)
CD1-509.3 Billy Squier Big Beat (3:32)
CD1-509.4 Liquid Liquid Cavern (5:18)
CD1-509.5 Mountain Long Red (5:52)
CD1-509.6 Whole Darn Family Seven Minutes Of Funk (6:58)





Albums 10-13

CD1-510.1 James Brown Funky President (3:58)
CD1-510.2 Dexter Wansel Theme From The Planets (3:46)
CD1-510.3 Rhythm Heritage Theme From S.W.A.T. (3:22)
CD1-510.4 Jackson 5, The It’s Great To Be Here (3:02)
CD1-510.5 Brothers Johnson Ain’t We Funkin’ Now (4:44)
CD1-510.6 La Pregunta Shangri La (5:51)
CD1-510.7 Esther Williams Last Night Changed It All (4:24)
CD1-511.1 Honey Drippers, The Impeach The President (3:24)
CD1-511.2 Headhunters, The God Make Me Funky (3:20)
CD1-511.3 Lucy Hawkins Gotta Get Out Of Here (5:49)
CD1-511.4 Orange Krush Action (4:30)
CD1-511.5 Funk Inc. Kool Is Back (3:06)
CD1-511.6 Fausto Papetti Love’s Theme (3:39)
CD1-512.1 Junie* Granny’s Funky Rolls Royce (0:17)
CD1-512.2 James Brown Funky Drummer (2:54)
CD1-512.3 Mohawks, The The Champ (2:34)
CD1-512.4 Aerosmith Walk This Way (3:38)
CD1-512.5 Thin Lizzy Johnny The Fox (3:29)
CD1-512.6 Soul Searchers, The Ashley’s Roachclip (5:31)
CD1-512.7 Chicago Gangsters Gangster Boogie (3:59)
CD1-512.8 T-Connection Groove To Get Down (4:08)
CD1-513.1 Babe Ruth The Mexican (5:45)
CD1-513.2 Babe Ruth Keep Your Distance (4:30)
CD1-513.3 Coke Escovedo (Runaway) I Wouldn’t Change A Thing (3:17)
CD1-513.4 Eastside Connection Frisco Disco (6:20)
CD1-513.5 In Search Of Orchestra Phenomena Theme (4:13)
CD1-513.6 Meters, The Hand Clapping Song (2:52)





albums 14-17

CD2-514.1 Stanley Turrentine Sister Sanctified (5:59)
CD2-514.2 J.J. Johnson Willie Chase (2:55)
CD2-514.3 Kid Dynamite (2) Uphill Peace Of Mind (4:15)
CD2-514.4 Ralph MacDonald Jam On The Groove (5:47)
CD2-514.5 E.U. Knock Him Out Sugar Ray (5:58)
CD2-514.6 Fred Wesley & The JB’s Blow Your Head (3:49)
CD2-515.1 Donald Byrd Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) (5:01)
CD2-515.2 Roy Ayers Ubiquity Brother Green (The Disco King) (5:27)
CD2-515.3 Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic (4:07)
CD2-515.4 David Matthews* Main Theme From Star Wars (3:21)
CD2-515.5 John Cougar* Jack And Diane (4:19)
CD2-515.6 Pleasure (4) Bouncy Lady (3:51)
CD2-515.7 Jefferson Starship Rock Music (3:26)
CD2-516.1 Commodores Assembly Line (5:01)
CD2-516.2 Johnny Jenkins I Walk On Guilded Splinters (4:07)
CD2-516.3 Le Pamplemousse Gimme What You Got (5:13)
CD2-516.4 Marvin Gaye T Plays It Cool (4:12)
CD2-516.5 Lyn Collins Think (About It) (3:32)
CD2-516.6 Galactic Force Band, The Space Dust (2:25)
CD2-516.7 Steve Miller Band Take The Money And Run (2:47)
CD2-517.1 Baby Huey Listen To Me (6:33)
CD2-517.2 Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady The Lovomaniacs (Sex) (3:44)
CD2-517.3 Pointer Sisters Yes We Can Can (4:31)
CD2-517.4 Monk Higgins One Man Band (Plays All Alone) (3:17)
CD2-517.5 Kool & The Gang N.T. (3:08)
CD2-517.6 Dyke & The Blazers Let A Woman Be A Woman Let A Man Be A Man (2:35)
CD2-517.7 Bram Tchaikovsky Whiskey And Wine (3:30)
CD2-517.8 Unknown Artist L.L. Bonus Beats (1:08)





Albums 18-21

CD2-518.1 Bar-Kays Let’s Have Some Fun (6:01)
CD2-518.2 Lafayette Afro Rock Band Conga (4:57)
CD2-518.3 Yellow Sunshine Yellow Sunshine (4:06)
CD2-518.4 Jimmy Castor Bunch, The It’s Just Begun (3:46)
CD2-518.5 Marva Whitney It’s My Thing (You Can’t Tell Me Who To Sock It To) (2:48)
CD2-518.6 Kay-Gees, The I Believe In Music (4:01)
CD2-518.7 Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band Ride Sally Ride (3:04)
CD2-519.1 Blackbyrds, The Rock Creek Park (4:28)
CD2-519.2 KC & The Sunshine Band I Get Lifted (3:01)
CD2-519.3 Brother Soul Cookies (2:42)
CD2-519.4 Foster Sylvers Misdemeanor (2:18)
CD2-519.5 Wild Sugar Bring It Here (5:57)
CD2-519.6 Miami Chicken Yellow (Let Me Do It To You) (2:54)
CD2-519.7 Olympic Runners Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is (2:44)
CD2-519.8 Lightnin’ Rod Sport (2:53)
CD2-520.1 Roy Ayers Ubiquity Lonesome Cowboy (3:52)
CD2-520.2 Duke Williams And The Extremes Chinese Chicken (2:47)
CD2-520.3 Joe Quarterman* I’m Gonna Get You (2:57)
CD2-520.4 Friend And Lover Reach Out Of The Darkness (3:12)
CD2-520.5 Chubukos, The House Of Rising Funk (3:05)
CD2-520.6 Eddie Bo Hook And Sling Pt.1 (2:36)
CD2-520.7 Bill Withers Kissing My Love (3:46)
CD2-521.1 Politicians, The Free Your Mind (2:44)
CD2-521.2 Village Callers, The Hector (2:32)
CD2-521.3 Joe Tex Papa Was Too (2:52)
CD2-521.4 Sound Experience (2) Devil With The Bust (5:30)
CD2-521.5 James Brown Soul Pride (2:07)
CD2-521.6 All The People Cramp Your Style (2:12)
CD2-521.7 Johnny Pate Shaft In Africa (3:02)
CD2-521.8 Barry White I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby (7:06)
CD2-521.9 Unknown Artist L.L. Bonus Beats #2 (1:40)





Albums 22-25

CD2-522.1 Barrabas Woman (5:02)
CD2-522.2 Creative Source Corazon (4:32)
CD2-522.3 Southside Movement Save The World (4:55)
CD2-522.4 JBs, The* The Grunt Pt.1 (2:57)
CD2-522.5 Rufus Thomas Do The Funky Penguin Pt.2 (3:12)
CD2-522.6 Shotgun (2) Dynamite (The Bomb) (3:16)
CD2-522.7 Gary Numan Films (4:04)
CD2-523.1 Rufus Thomas The Breakdown Pt.2 (3:10)
CD2-523.2 Jim Dandy Country Cooking (4:48)
CD2-523.3 Pleasure (4) Joyous (6:24)
CD2-523.4 Solomon Burke Get Out Of My Life Woman (3:17)
CD2-523.5 Alphonse Mouzon You Don’t Know How Much I Love You (4:28)
CD2-523.6 Delegation Oh Honey (3:40)
CD2-523.7 Freda Payne The Easiest Way To Fall (2:34)
CD2-524.1 Lowell Fulsom Tramp (3:03)
CD2-524.2 Freddie Scott (2) (You) Got What I Need (2:36)
CD2-524.3 Lyn Collins You Can’t Love Me, If You Don’t Respect Me (3:13)
CD2-524.4 Emotions, The Blind Alley (2:57)
CD2-524.5 Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions – Part 1 (3:09)
CD2-524.6 Otis Redding Hard To Handle (2:23)
CD2-524.7 Grass Roots, The You And Love Are The Same (2:42)
CD2-524.8 Tom Scott Sneakin’ In The Back (3:20)
CD2-525.1 Southside Movement I’ve Been Watching You (2:57)
CD2-525.2 Lou Donaldson Pot Belly (7:57)
CD2-525.3 Sambo Soul Mambo #5 (8:21)
CD2-525.4 Five Stairsteps Don’t Change Your Love (2:48)
CD2-525.5 Lamont Dozier Take Off Your Make Up (4:47)
CD2-525.6 Ike White Love And Affection (4:15)
CD2-525.7 James Brown The Payback (7:54)






Sobre bboybenthien

Trabalho na area de produção de eventos e design digital e gráfico, possuo minha própria produtora por onde realizo meus trabalhos, sou autodidata em todas as areas que desenvolvo projetos e trabalhos. Desenhista, web designer, decorador, projetista e iniciando na area de VJ. E dentro da cultura Hip-Hop sou dançarino de break dance desde de 1998, integrante da Foot Work Crew um dos grupos percurssores da dança em Curitiba. Participo de campeonatos e matenho vivo o estilo original de dançar.

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